The Story

Why am I here? Well, for the same reason many of you are here. I need to lose weight.

I have always been active, and never had a thought about dieting. I was a collegiate athlete with a rigorous schedule. After a few accidents and surgeries I become sedentary. I never changed my eating habits even though I had significantly changed my lifestyle. I gained a lot of weight.

After gaining control of my life, I made the decision to gain control of my weight. I joined Weight Watchers and I lost over 50lbs. It's a great program, but the reality was that I went with a group of friends. We had a healthy competition, and the weight dropped off.

After my 1st child, I gained weight back, and kept it on. After my 2nd child, I gained even more weight. I had wanted to lose the weight but didn't have much motivation.

Then, I got pregnant again. We lost that child and that was my motivator. After losing the baby I had to focus on something else and I chose to focus on losing the weight. I lost 25 lbs and was doing great. I stated my first blog: Challenge Accepted. Then six months had passed since losing the baby, and I lost another pregnancy. Then another. These were all very early, but all very hard. Eventually I just let it all go and focused only on getting pregnant.

It's now been over three years of trying for a third baby, and I can't go through this pain month after month. It's wearing me down. So my husband and I have decided on some goals. For the first 6 months of this year we have decided to stop trying for a baby and both of us lose weight. My goal is 50 lbs, my husband's is 30 lbs. Then  we will actively try for 6 months. If we do not get pregnant we will make our final decisions on whether we will quit trying, or look into alternatives.

The truth is that after so long of wanting, it's hard to stop. I'm still focusing on it, but I'm hoping that will least a little.

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