Monday, January 21, 2013

Biggest Loser Check In!!

 Well, It's Monday. This time of year that means that it's time to reflect on this past week, and decide how I'm going attack the week coming up. So here we go.

I can't say that I did great, but I can't say that I did horrible. The outcome of this week is a loss of 1/2 a pound. I always say, "A loss is a loss". It's a great thing! It means that you're on track, and you're still focused. But, if I think about this last week, I'm very disappointed.

I went over my daily caloric goal too many times. I enjoyed alcohol too much. I drank too much soda. I didn't drink enough water. I did not have enough self control. WOW, the stress this week too.

So, this next week I'm going to stick to my plan TO THE "T". I have 2 lbs to lose by the end of the month in order to stick to my monthly weight loss goal. I can definitely do this, but it means I have to be a good girl.

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  1. You got this! A loss is always better than a gain! Good work!

  2. Great job!! 1/2 a pound is great!!

  3. Good job! Remember why you started this journey and fight for your end result this week! Stay strong! You can do this!

  4. A loss is a loss! I'm right there with you this week!

  5. A half pound is great!

    I need to lay off the booze too. It's one of my goals this week.

  6. That's right - A loss is a loss! Don't get discouraged. I know that's often easier said than done, but we've all got to take this one day at a time.

  7. You can TOTALLY do this girl!!! I'm cheering for you!!! :) This is a brand new week!!!


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