Friday, January 25, 2013


Being healthy isn't all about how many carrot sticks you substitute for potato chips. And, it doesn't always depend on how long you ran on the treadmill. These things are all import to become healthy, but there's another side we need to remember. The physical aspect is obvious, however there's a mental part that is just as important.

This year I'm not only trying to focus on eating right and exercising, but I'm working on being a happier person. Let's face it. No one wants to be around a sour puss. No one likes being yelled. No one likes being angry all the time either. Being upset gives me headaches, and headaches make me upset. So I'm heading off that catch 22 before it even starts (and sometimes using a lot of ibuprofen).

I'm finding mental tranquility and all around happiness in everything I do. By the way,  I'm writing all this down as my 5 year old throws a fit because I turned off cartoons after she just watched 2 hours of it.

How do you become happy and healthy?

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