Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Resolution

Yes! I've done it! I've started a stupid horrible no good very bad New Year's Resolution. Not only did I make a resolution. I've followed the fad and developed a diet. YEP! I'm one of THOSE people. But, I dragged a number of friends with me. DOH!!! Well, I'm not stopping there either. I've taken my family with me too.

I want to be healthy. Right now it's hard as we start, but I want it to be easier and easier. I not only need to lose weight, but my wonderful husband must be healthy. He has health issues, and it's vital that we start to focus on our eating habit. Wouldn't it be wonderful if my kids had these good habits too?

So today is day 1 of a strict 30 day diet. After this initial 30 days we will reevaluate and readjust as we need. I'm going for a 6 month turn around for my family. We are  not a fat family, but we could easily become one. I make my kids healthy snacks and sit down and pig out on chips. There's something wrong with that. So no more! We all become healthy.

We've started some mentally and emotionally positive habits too. I'm excited to watch all this play out. I'm also excited to see how things change, and to share my ups and downs as we go through these great new times.

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