Friday, January 4, 2013

3rd Day

So, today was much better than yesterday. This being said as I'm sitting here, 10pm at night, and my stomach is growling, "FEED ME!"

I believe it has to do with eating a larger meal for lunch, and a smaller dinner. I feel better through out the day. I feel like I can't function if I only eat salads for lunch, but I feel better at night if I eat salads for dinner. I guess that makes sense in a way.

What doesn't make sense is that I didn't eat breakfast this morning, and I wasn't as hungry. That makes no sense. I've heard from quite a few people that they get hungry earlier in the day if they eat breakfast compared to not eating breakfast. Why does that happen? It makes no sense what so ever. It doesn't matter if it's cereal, or eggs. I'm always starving around 10am if I eat.

My husband is doing great too. I thought he'd be very reluctant with logging food, but he has proven me wrong. It was just luck that we saw a news story about a woman who got into food logging in order to lose weight. I believe that positive story has really motivated him. I love it!!! Well, he's a bit annoying about making sure everything is perfect, but I'd rather have that than him not being involved.

Oh, I'm not sure why my ticker hasn't changed, but I've lost a few pounds already. I love the initial weight loss!! And I'm totally steeling this counting system!! I'm making one this weekend. LOVE IT!!!!

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